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Tony Stark doing a very good impression of Robert Downey Jr

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The Avengers - Raw B-Roll: Jeremy Renner

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Anonymous asked: Can u post a new photo of that sexy smirk?

1) I have zero sexy smirks, only derpy half smiles

2) Go look at my face on my pagey thingyyy


evuhlynn asked: every time a lesbian i know cuts off their hair ... i forget what they looked like with long hair... idk if thats just me.

I’m bi, and I know exxxxxactly what you mean

  • 10 yr old me: omg i can't wait to be a teenager i'll go out to parties with my friends and wear cool clothes and skip school and drink and play music really loud and get grounded and sneak out and stay up late and go to concerts and have an amazing social life omg i can't wait
  • current me: spills cereal on self

dreamersandlovers asked: Hi! My name is Sarah :) I lovee your blog, its so cool to find another bisexual girl who likes Sherlock among everything else!

:D exactly my thoughts! HI FRIEND.

we are now friends 


imsocreepy asked: Your neck is very handsome.

I agree. Sorry, my Tony Stark is showing 

love your blog!


dishwasherdance asked: really love your blog!



Anonymous asked: Hey cutie! :)

Oh I love nice anons. They’re nice. Come off anon please oh please


creepyfingerz asked: You are adorable. Not a question, oops.

And you’re clearly super nice and lovely HI


everydayisearthday asked: Hello yes you are a very attractive human, I would like to congratulate you on your face and wish you a swell day!

Wow you’re fantastic at compliments!! I’ll follow you when I’m off my mobile :D